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For Drugs today we have  "Scientist or Smuggler".

I'd like to introduce "Psychonaut" into the discourse.

Dr Zee holding child
Children and Drugs
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Adults and Drugs

I am a parent. Unlike most parents, I know a lot about drugs. Like most parents, I want the best for my kids. And that's why I feel I must take action to protect my children from the pitfalls that lie ahead for them. 

Why do we use drugs? Do we need to use drugs? Do drugs increase or decrease our performance? Do drugs increase or decrease our well being? Do drugs increase or decrease our life expectancy?

Lucid News provides informed, honest and transparent journalism that covers the growing integration of psychedelics into society and their broad implications for human wellness. Founded by longtime participants of psychedelic communities who bring discernment and a healthy skepticism to their work, they offer news and opinion from a wide range of perspectives to help readers navigate this pivotal moment of innovation and transformation.

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