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Michael Slezak conducted a series of discussions with me. These spawned three articles: The Interview with Dr, Z published as such, "high as a kiwi" discussing New Zealand's groundbreaking legislation and "high and dry" describing MEAI - my binge mitigation agent and ethanol substitute.

This magazine is an essential and fascinating feature of British journalism. The slow journalism movement encourages both writers and readers to, slow down, ignore the lure of sensationalism and analyse what's going on.


Loes Witschge wrote "THE RISE AND FALL OF LEGAL HIGHS" with illustrations by Christian Tate.

Britain's most respected independent newspaper has touched twice on my invention career. When things were just getting started in 2004 a journalist was sent to Tel-Aviv to cover the "Hagigat"  phenomenon, and a second time lately, crowning me with the title "The Godfather of Legal Highs".

Andy Extance from 'Chemistry World' finished what everyone else began. He wrote an article which is quite comprehensive and enlightening. "Wrecked by a high tide".

Tom Costello of the BBC made a film called "The Last Days of Legal Highs" near the coming into force of the UK psychoactive substances act 2016. A teaser for this film can be viewed here.

Some time before that Steph Atkinson made a film called "How Safe Are My Drugs?".

The Dr. Zee persona was created on the ​set of the documentary movie "Legally High" produced by Amos Pictures and Directed by Dan Reed in 2013. The persona was intended to differentiate between the actual person and the character being described in the film. Various newspapers (like the German "Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin") and t.v. channels have been interested over the years.

In Auckland (2014) I attended a conference "Pathway to Reform" . There I met the crew from the Hungarian "DrogRiporter"(that's how they spell it) who did this interview with me - which still to this very day, summarizes many topics that I feel are important to touch on and remain currently relevant. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 12.57.54

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed again - by Jonah Brunet - from the Walrus. I am enjoying having a reason to post a photo of an honorary member of the Phocidae (even though it doesn't link to another documentary). The piece is called "Why It’s So Hard to Legalize Recreational Drugs" 

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 1.03.24 AM.png

Talking to Ash from Shifty Perspective was good "clean" fun. See the episode here.

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