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Evidence Based Drinking

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Why do we drink?


Is ethanol just a weapon that yeast use against bacteria in the squabble over the evolutionary niche of decomposition? To think, that man would turn this weapon into a beverage of entertainment and sacrament requires the kind of forward thinking that can predict exactly how to swing (in golf) a whole-in-one. But as our thoughts meander on this question and we loose touch with what it is that we originally had in mind, we find ourselves pondering the bigger picture- The next day, the next week, the next month-WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED?

Other people, wearable computers, video camera and tape recorders all have the power to objectively keep record without prejudice, without opinion, without skin in the game. But do we really want to know? Do we want to know after the fact or before? These are the core questions, the root of evidence based drinking.

**Art by Jaya Trivedi

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